Control System Development


  • Switching equipment
  • Base station
  • Mobile network
  • Disaster prevention radio system
  • Electronic shelf label

Network environment, now an indispensable part of our daily life, is developing at an accelerating pace, and it is in this communication network field that new services are emerging one after another.
Not only having developed systems for switching equipment and base stations that support the network, we have developed disaster prevention systems based on wireless communication technologies and electronic shelf labels to allow end-to-end merchandise control at supermarkets, and more recently LTE (Long-Term Evolution) and VoLTE (Voice over LTE) systems, as well as related application software for the users of these networks.
We are working to develop, utilizing the latest technology, new network service systems for enhanced convenience, security and amenity of social life, from the perspectives of servicing companies and the end users.


  • Train controllers (electronic solid state interlocking system, temporary forced speed limit system´╝ë
  • Platform screen doors
  • Level crossing
  • Facilities monitoring equipment

Japanese railroads are at the best level in the world not only in accuracy and safety but also in speed. This is underpinned by the systems such as various train controlling mechanisms including provision of elaborately-calculated railway signals and speed controlling systems which are regarded as the key to the success of high-speed railroads aiming at achieving even higher speed.
In the course of many years of our involvement in developing the said systems, we have developed our own firmware based on fail-safe technologies using our high-reliability design approach and developed high performance railroad operation simulation and monitoring systems, playing a role in the railroad business supporting the basis of its safety and higher speed. The accumulation of such rich experience, know-how and nurtured expertise represents a priceless asset to our company.


  • Traffic signals
  • Parking equipment
  • VICS (Vehicle Information and Communication System)
  • Airport equipment

Streamlining and optimizing the traffic flow of vehicles significantly affect convenience and amenity in modern society.
We engaged in developing systems that optimize traffic flow by monitoring vehicles' traffic status at multiple intersections and controlling each traffic signal by linking them together.
Provision of relevant information by means of a large electronic display at the parking entrance is indispensable at large-scale facilities like theme parks and shopping centers, where thousands of vehicles visit every day. We have also often developed systems to count the vehicles parked at a parking area in large-scale facilities and accumulate the data, and systems to control the display on large electronic display boards at parking entrances.

Wide variety of system development

After having engaged in development of control systems for over 30 years, our expertise is broad and diverse.
We have rich experience of having developed facility control and surveillance systems for large-scale facilities, such as commercial establishment buildings, office buildings, factories, hotels, hospitals, and water purification plants. Drawing on such experience, we more recently developed a wide array of systems to benefit our day-to-day life, for example, a system to measure, tally, and store data on the load carried by garbage trucks to waste processing plants, a system to count by sensors the number of entering and leaving visitors at amusement parks and museums to allow expected waiting time to enter to be displayed, battery charger device for EVs, and reservation and information display systems for wedding ceremony halls and funeral halls.