Work System Development


  • Banks
  • Brokerage houses
  • Consumer credit companies
  • Life insurers
  • Non-life insurers
  • Leasing companies

Importance of systems to the financial sector is compounded by their being financial products or services themselves. This makes system development in this sector a continuous challenge combining collaboration and competition.
We participate in this difficult sector as staff members for the development of systems for banking, brokerage, life and non-life insurance, and leasing company systems.
Many customers in this sector choose to continue using a general purpose computer such as the IBM AS/400, because the quantity of information to handle is huge and reliability takes utmost precedence. Some mega-bank customers of such systems are seeking to have the systems' user interface modified to be user-friendly in a contemporary manner, demanding of system developers a still higher degree of technical skills.


  • Electronic health record system
  • Ordering system
  • Upgrades
  • Upgradable system

Enhancement of IT capabilities in the medical care sector is progressing rapidly, influenced by the discussion of wider area medical care schemes and remote diagnosis systems, and as the IT products and services are positively marketed by manufacturers and system integrators.
Our system consultants and engineers visit medical institutions adopting new IT systems, to join the team to support implementation and upgrading work for manufacturer's solutions, such as ordering systems and electronic health record systems, assisting introduction of the system suitable to the characteristics of each medical institution.
The mainstream of the electronic health record system is "FUJITSU HOPE EGMAIN" which is upgradable. We provide periodical work to reflect requests from the medical front in the system and to implement upgrades for revised medical fee standards.

Power System i

  • Sales management: for plastic product manufacturers
  • Ship operation control: for shipping agents
  • Manufacturing and sales management: for steel pipe manufacturers
  • Production control: for cold finished steel bar manufacturers
  • Quality control: for engineering plastic manufacturers
  • Sales management: for electric appliance manufacturers
  • Freight and warehouse fee control: for transportation companies

AS/400 is a general purpose computer IBM put to the market in 1988. Designed to be used for an extended period of time, the machine has won from the start a high reputation among its users as the machine that runs 24 hours 365 days a year. It is also favorably accepted by system administrators for its (OS400) operating system's easy-to-understand commands and extensive help information.
We introduced an AS/400 as a development machine in 1989 and currently own two of them (9460-520 v5.3 and Power 720 v7.1). We have meanwhile amassed the development know-how using the AS/400, and gained as well a lot of experience of developing client-server systems with graphical user interfaces using the AS/400 as the database server. In 2000 we introduced "LANSA", and now we also engage in system development using the LANSA development tool. These investments dramatically improved our development productivity.

Wide variety of system development

  • Logistics control
  • Sales management
  • Production process control
  • Purchase control
  • Accounting control
  • Customer management

We engage in developing business management systems in a wide array of sectors including manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and other services, and participate in development on a non-AS/400 platform as well.
Our principle in developing systems is to place an emphasis on the field where the system is actually used. It is development, not from a conceptualized or stereotyped approach, but of a truly user-friendly, custom-made system based on field research performed by the development engineer himself or herself on the actual site where the system is used. A system provided by those who understand the mind of users in the field: this is the work system development we offer at Data Process Service.